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Rhiannon at the young age of 20 began her career in Real Estate as a dual Agent in Kansas & Missouri working in New construction. Soon after she realized the importance of Home Financing then obtained her Mortgage Broker license in both states as well. This propelled her career to not only help get her buyers approved and understand the process better but to also find them a home, since they already trusted her for their needs. After honing her skills and becoming a seasoned agent in both sides of the fence, she moved to her home state of Florida and opened  in 2002 a Brokerage to offer all services to the public including Mortgage, Real Estate, Title & Insurance with her affiliates.  Success quickly happened and her company was exploding during the height of the Real Estate Market. In 2008, the recession had hit the USA and Mortgage Lending/Real Estate had dramatically declined, thus leaving Rhiannon a career choice to make and headed North to the mecca of Real Estate, NEW YORK CITY. She decided to get another license which would make it her 7th and resided in Manhattan working at one of the TOP Agencies with the best of the best, Douglas Elliman. She knew that New York City was a bubble and city in itself and this would keep her thriving in a non thriving market.  After 4 years of an amazing Real Estate Journey showing Million Dollar Apartments and Condos, she decided to go back to serving the public with her Mortgage Broker Skills and help her fellow Real Estate Agents and create more value to everyone with having so much experience with different markets, different buyers and scenarios. Rhiannon also has Commercial Property experience and can orchestrate transactions as well.


Rhiannon loves what she does and her clients and Agents she exclusively works for gets the best of the best service there is. 


Her TEAM is Real Estate and Mortgage Vets and their system bring smooth transactions and enjoyable experiences to all.

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